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The Collett Brasil is formed by a team of qualified agents with broad network of relationships, working independently, which began operations with representations when belonged to the group Collett & Sons S/A.

Founded in 1961 Collett & Sons worked and excelled in projects and works of Electrical Engineering, Civil and Mechanical.

The development boom experienced by the country in the early 70s, led the company to a rapidly expanding and diversification activities.

Among them, Collett & Sons joined the international representations sector due to the constant need for generators, machinery and equipment for their various works.

The Collett & Sons as representatives for Brazil of Mirlrees Blackstone (Stockport) Ltd., for about 40 years, sold and installed dozens of large generators, operating fuel oil component generating stations for clients such as:

Projeto Jari;
Caulim da Amazonia S/A - CADAM;
Mineração Rio do Norte S/A - MRN;
Centrais Elétricas de Rondonia S/A - CERON;
Magnesita S/A.

The industrial group Hawker Siddeley, from United Kingdom, through its companies Brush Transformers, Brush Electrical Machines and Brush Switchgear were also represented, happening numerous contracts for mining companies, especially Petrobras Mineração S/A - Petromisa.

The team of Collett Brasil has wide experience in international representation at the area of Mining, Oil and Gas, Ventilation and Energy.

The international agents team of Collett Brasil works also with research and analysis of new business, developing strategies, goals and objectives for foreign companies wishing to settle in Brazil.

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